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Oasis Engineering Ltd, New Zealand (CNG refuelling products)

Production Picture 3

Camlock Cam Locking Coupling AMK 50 Ms (brass)

Oasis manifold, ball valves - Biogas

BD 63 Hose Beads

to EI 1522 standard - notably improve handling as they reduce friction against the tarmac. They additionally protect against hose abrasion. 'BD' Hose Beads are highly break resistant, contain no bolts or nuts, can be easily assembled or disassembled and are suitable for reeling.

Pipe with AVKI 50 SS, hose assembly with AVKX 50 SS, lever movement

'Camlock' stainless steel female and male coupling to EN 14420 - 7

Spannloc hose clamps of stainless steel for chemical hoses

Elaflex Hamburg

Assembling Spannloc hose clamps

Oasis FV103 with NC203 P30, Light Duty Fill Valve and Transit Nozzle for CNG

ZVA Slimline 2, dispenser

Upstream Oil Industry, TW hose assemblies


ZV 500 DDC, ZVA 32 DDC, hose assembly with DDC-M coupling

Refuelling of construction site machines from the road tanker: only one hose reel, choose between two nozzles (ZV 500 for bulk, ZVA 32 automatic nozzle up to 200 l/min)

Elaflex Hamburg

Hose stock, reeling up a FEP hose

GasGuard nozzle GG 1 DN, hose assembly, nozzle boot NB-GG

LTW 75 hose assembly

with MannTek DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling; use eg. as connecting hose for heating oil trailers

MK-A 80 SS, TW female coupler with Active Safeguard Lever, VB 80 SS

LBS 50 hose assembly for foodstuffs, FDA conform

with RMC 50 SS/SS (DIN 11851 foodstuff threaded coupling and Spannloc clamps of stainless steel)

Bunker boat: TW hose assemblies, TW couplings

M 21-1" cr

Female ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, reuasable. Slimline 21 hose, green.

DN 2" Ms

Double nipple brass


Pressure Cap, e.g. für LPG - Special type PN 25, ADR / RID compatible. With pressure indicator and pressure relief valve.

LPG Autogas Adapter (filler inlet) EURO

Push-In-Coupling EN 13670

SG 1½" Al

Ssight glass for ZVA 32 nozzles, e.g. for aviation refuelling.

AN 2 Al

Welding nipple aluminium

ZVA Slimline 2 / ZVA Slimline 2 GR

Petrol station nozzles with (top) and without vapour recovery (below)

TW connecting hoses

airport depot, gantry

Elaflex refuelling equipment:

Quality is in the detail.

Elapharm EPH-OHM with welding end

AdBlue urea solution, Filling service station UST from road tanker:

DDC-M 50 Dry Disconnect Coupling, UTL 50 hose assembly

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik, Production Plettenberg / Germany

Assembling hall, meterial logistics

SFX 50.16

hose flange; hose tail and swiveling flange of steel, Spannfix clams